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Annual membership provides you access to resources within the “members only” section. It also includes registration for the ISU Annual Meeting and access the abstract booklet and e-Posters.

Full Member
(€150 per annum)

All consultant urologists who are engaged soley in urological practice in Ireland and holding specialist registration with the Irish Medical Council or the General Medical Council are eligible to apply for Full membership

Trainee Member
(€50 per annum)

Trainee membership is open to all urologists-in-training on the island of Ireland.

Medical Student
(€0 per annum)

Medical student membership is open to those enrolled in undergraduate training in any approved Irish University.


International Member
(€50 per annum) 

International membership is open to all urologists, residing and practising in countries other than Ireland / Northern Ireland, who are members of the local or national urological society or organisation in that country and who are appropriately registered on the equivalent specialist division of that country’s medical council equivalent.


Affiliate Member
(€50 per annum)

Affiliate membership is open to specialists in fields associated to urology and others when the majority of the individuals work is devoted to urology. Affiliate membership is also open to non medical personnel working in the field of urology eg. Specialist nursing, physiotherapist, public and occupational health.

Senior Member (retired)
(€50 per annum)

Senior membership is open to full members when officially retired from practice, and upon application to the ISU.

Honorary Member

 Honorary membership of the ISU may be awarded to a urologist, affiliated specialist, or distinguished individual in Ireland or abroad who has had an important impact/influence on the development of urology or on the training of urologists, at home or abroad.

To apply to become a member, please fill in details below.  Payment should be made by standing order.  Email for bank details.

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