The urology skills day for ST2 trainees provided us with invaluable opportunities to practice 5 key procedures in a relaxed environment, away from the additional stressors often encountered in a real-life operating theatre. The balance of practical and didactic learning was spot-on. Having the more experienced trainees and consultants available for advice and tips made the day as beneficial as any skills course I would previously have had to travel abroad for!

Given the facilities available to us in RCSI and the fact that the faculty gave up their time to help us, I feel I benefitted more from this course than any course I had completed previously. It’s also a nice way to meet my fellow trainees to discuss our experiences to date and other aspects of our training scheme at a time when we’re focusing on the next step in our progression.

Author – Dr Paul Ryan (ST2 Urology Trainee; St Vincent’s University Hospital)



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